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Amy has spent a lot o the last year opening space around the goals of students at mainly black university colleges and communities- one of the great opportunities to do this was stimulated by special showings of a michael moore film that serached the wprld or social solutions and asked why not bring them back to america- have a look at some o the pro=youth indings emerging - we've posted them at Http:// - partly because dr yunus irst became a proessor in the america o teh south the in the 1960s and so has a special consciuousness iwth black youth across the americas -more at

There's an idea that friends of muhammad yunus will build a university of ending poverty in america's poorest county - montgomery in alabama-

what processes will be pivotal to a 21st C ag and tech and worldide colaboration in ending poverty

linking in all yunus supported youth social business competition entries is one such process:

What Futures do Net Generation and Yunus Investors want to spend life times working on?
Youth JobsCompetition Winners

Futures of Heroes - Oregon's number 1 winner wants sports stars and university campuses and students to give back to celebrate handicapped children's sports leagues across state of Oregon - see student entry OSU-STARSports.pdf
-tell us if you can help

Futures of Energy- Youth competition entries wanting to invest in clean energy include these projects

Futures of Nutrition here are some youth competition entries redesigning value chains of agriculture for food security and to end obesity in developed nations and end hunger in developing nation

Futures of Healthcare - here are some student competition entries

Yunus Investor networks
HEROES- Yunus number 1 suoerstar give back network is coordinated by his daughter - see singforhope

ENERGY Yunus has a world leading franchise of solar for the poor here and he inspires the number 1 microenergy prize awards coordinated by Prince Charles and the Sainsbury philanthropy here

NUTRITION One of the reasons why Grameen emerged as the world's number 1 youth investment bank was that its first non-financial product line was nutritional : vegetable seeds; and its first global social business partnership with a corporation was nutritional - case danone. In the US the number 1 goodwillparner of yunus is www.wholeplanetfoundation run by the most purposeful nurtrition corporation in the world of pro-youth capitalism

HEALTHCARE - yunus leading projects include free nursing colleges creating huge numbers of jobs as number 1 joy of vilage girl power; emdic projects with intel ; ...
Some special focuses of youth - how to attract funds for the most brilaint jobs creating projects and how to design incubators and acceleratprs so that everyone in a city can colaborate around youth who want the purspoe of education to celebrate job creation and 2010s nbeing the most productive deacde of worldwide youth - some projects leveraging colaboration tech wizards are

student social business competition entries set 1

The UNC Social Business Conference asked student teams from across the UNC system to identify community problems, then take a business-oriented approach to solving them.
31 student teams from all 17 UNC campuses developed proposals that they hoped would both solve community problems and be self-sustaining. Students worked with faculty and staff beginning last spring, then with mentors from TiE Carolinas and the SBTDC, to develop plans that built off their knowledge of a wide variety of disciplines, and observations to address community problems related to food and agriculture, energy, job training and retraining. Some examples:
· Using videogames to retrain unemployed people;
· Improving the efficiency of the market for used medical equipment to make sure underserved markets get exactly the equipment they need;
· Rebranding a struggling rural community’s downtown area to improve economic performance;
· Using aquaponics to turn fish waste into plant food, or recycling hog waste;
·Creating a market that allows homeless people to sell their art.
During the conference, teams made preliminary presentations in front of small groups of judges, selected from across the state and the nation for their experience in community engagement and business. Judges moved forward to the finals student groups from Ellizabeth City State, Fayetteville State, NC A&T, NC State, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Greensboro and Winston-Salem State. After final presentations in front of the entire room, NC State’s “Pennies for Progress” team finished first, followed by a plan from Fayetteville State, a proposal to convert biowaste, with UNC- Chapel Hill’s recycled medical equipment proposal finishing third along with Sanitation Creations, which is now running a crowdfunding campaign to allow the team to consult with energy experts who will help the company further develop the bag collection process and the method for turning waste to energy using the filled bags. Currently they have raised $1465 of the $3000 required to meet their preliminary goal.

The NC State proposal, outlines in detail a strategy for retailers to donate one penny of every purchase to supporting nonprofit work, thereby relieving nonprofits of some of the challenges of fundraising

NC1 Pennies for Progress Fund Raising NC State
NC2 convert biowaste from Hog laggons Fayetteville State,
NC3 UNC-CH Sanitation Creations.docx,
NC4 Improving the efficiency of the market for used medical equipment
NC5 Using videogames to retrain unemployed people NCSSM VGV Group.docx,
NC6 Using aquaponics to turn fish waste into plant food, ASU Aquaseng.docx
NC7 Rebranding a struggling rural community’s downtown area UNCG_Gerontology_Fisher Park VillAGE SRB proposal_final.pdf,
NC8 Creating a market that allows homeless people to sell their art UNCG Artifacts Proposal.pdf,

OR1 OSU-STARSports.pdf
OR2 PSU_Open%20Source%20Medical.pdf


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