Friday, March 11, 2016

Amy Chen Qian is president of CONSCOOUS YOUTH netwirk

CYN is a partnership, friends and mentoring association valuing the maximum productive impact of youth 2016-2025- the most critical decade in the sustainability of the human race

Friends are people -ge John Kiehl, Harrison Owen, Manny Perlman- whose projects give AMY and CYN most opportunity to action network and create jobs while celebrating sustaiability goals out  every community

Many of these friends are also on the senior mentoring council which also maps their priority linkages to 12 supercities intended to be borderlesss youth friendship  showcases for families of 20 million people -to thrive communally and happily in a world freed by the new technologies, renewable resources and collaboration's abundant apps and  open source learning often  to be innovated beyond the imagination of 20th century constitutions

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